Finally, a reason to…

I’m the type of woman who needs motivation to accomplish goals, but I’m also the kind that when I’m overburdened with tasks—I take a nap. I like to think of it as balance.

Now, after I recovered from the birth of my second child I was gung-ho about exercising, eating healthy, and moving away from my sluggard ways to a fit lifestyle. I hit it hard for six weeks and managed to shed nine jiggly pounds of fabulous fat. Then I went into self-destruct mode by reverting back to my slothful soda slurping ways. Despite my best efforts to completely destroy my newfound confidence, I have managed to keep a total of seven pounds off out of the initial nine.

Last night my dear niece-in-law was conversing with me about her upcoming wedding and we were musing over outfits for her flower girls (my daughters), when she asked me to be a bridesmaid. I was absolutely elated by the offer and I eagerly accepted without a second thought. I was then showed the bridesmaid gowns.

They’re gorgeous.

They’re feminine.

And…they’re a sweetheart neckline.

My body is not built for sweetheart necklines. Imagine Shrek in a sweetheart neckline dress. Imagine his broad shoulders and squishy arms gingerly walking down a romantic aisle whilst holding a lovely bouquet of spring flowers. That’s me. I’m female Shrek and that’s a problem.

I know, I know. It’s her wedding and all eyes will be on the bride…but that doesn’t stop my inner nag from pointing out every flaw and spinning tales of how the guests will be silently judging the tidal waves of fat that make their way across my underarms with each step I take down the aisle. And breathe.

So, to keep my inner voice as silent as possible I will be doing my best to get fit and thin by the April wedding. I’ll start as soon as I recover from my upcoming surgery in ten days. So, in fifteen days I’ll start exercising, eating right, and taking Hydroxycut.

I know that there are a lot of people who are either against diet pills or who are on the fence about them, but I’m a bit desperate. I’ll be chronicling my Hydroxycut trial here on WordPress with photos and measurements and blogs about how I’m responding to the pills. It’ll be almost educational.

I know that I managed to lose nine pounds in six weeks with portion control, calorie counting, and tri-weekly exercising. The goal with Hydroxycut is to lose double in that amount of time—but if I start to exhibit any sort of negative side effects, I’ll immediately discontinue its use.

I will also be doing 30-day workout challenges that are popular on Pinterest. I’ll share which one I’m doing for the month with pictures of my (cough) Aphrodite-esque (cough) body before and after the challenge.

I am doing all of this in an effort to better myself because ultimately, improvement is needed but in reality I’m only doing it so I won’t embarrass myself in a sweetheart dress. You may call it shallow, but I look at it as motivation.


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